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Bring your family to Smile Design in Liverpool, New York, where we offer cosmetic dentistry and periodontal treatment to patients of all ages. You're never too young or too old to receive the quality dental care you deserve.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Transform your smile with the many cosmetic dentistry procedures offered at our offices. Whiten or change the shape of your teeth with the help of our dental professionals. Alter the spacing of your teeth, or opt for crowns and veneers, giving you the confidence to say, "cheese!"
Normally, the procedure of placing a crown on a natural tooth or an implant involves two dental visits, one for the tooth preparation and the other for the crown insertion. With the new technology of CEREC® crowns some teeth may be able to be restored in just one appointment, saving you time.
Traditionally, tooth fillings were silver, leaving behind unsightly reminders of the cavities you once had. Now, we match the color of your filling to the color of your teeth, blending it in to make fillings appear nearly invisible. No one will ever know your tooth care woes with our filling technology, preserving the natural, aesthetic appeal of your teeth.
Woman - Cosmetic Dentistry in Liverpool,, NY
Rely on our dental professionals to assist you with regular periodontal treatments, including root planing and scaling. Following your initial x-rays and examination, it is recommended that you stay on a scheduled maintenance plan with us for optimal gum health.
Receive full and partial dentures, in addition to dental implants, at our offices. Your daily comfort is key, as we expertly fit your dental prosthetics to you.
Sleep Apnea Devices
We fabricate different types of sleep apnea devices which improve patients' sleep quality and treats snoring.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment for these services at our family dental practice.